A New Generation of Ghostbusters!

What readers are saying ...

"I am a K-4 librarian who will definitely be recommending this page-turner ..."

"Kids will love the genuinely scary parts of this story as well as its humor."

"Clever, scary, and fun, but never forgets to be human and real, exploring the high cost of being misunderstood as well as the redemptive power of love and kindness."

"Love this clever new book! Lipp engages you from the beginning and the adventure doesn't stop." 

"These kids are a delight."

"J. L. Lipp's book for young people is a delightful read."

"This is a delightfully scary mystery with a poignant discovery and twist at the end."


The Monsters Anonymous Club Returns!


Extinction - Book 2

The Monsters Anonymous Club series creator, J.L. Lipp, and Mark Litton, writer for the popular Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV series, give readers a very good reason to sleep with the lights on … or else face Extinction. 

Dinosaurs love to eat kids for breakfast. They taste better than cereal, or oatmeal, or even pepperoni pizza leftover from the night before. For a baby Troodon, kids are the best tasting mammal to eat for breakfast ... or lunch ... or dinner ... or in the case of one very hungry dinosaur roaming in Austin Reese’s backyard that August night ... for a midnight snack.  

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