J. L. Lipp


J.L. Lipp is the creator of The Monsters Anonymous Club series. He lives with his family, including two rescue dogs, in a really old house just outside of San Francisco, CA. He’s not sure if the house is haunted, but sometimes he hears weird noises in the middle of the night and wonders what his pets are staring at in the hallway. JL has published all kinds of things for adults and kids, but he likes writing scary stories most of all.  Sometimes he sleeps with the lights on. E-Mail JL at MonsterBoyJL@gmail.com

Mark Litton


 Mark Litton doesn’t live in a haunted house, but an equally scary apartment in Los Angeles, CA. Most of the odd noises he hears there turn out to be workers refitting the plumbing, but it could easily be a poltergeist or a monster in the walls. He’s best known for writing one of the most popular children’s TV series in the world, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.